Acoustic Version of 'Dig For The Promise' Released

On this day the acoustic versions of tracks from new album 'Dig For The Promise' were released unto the citizens of Earth.

Some of the tracks were reworked from the full arrangement album sessions and other bits were re-recorded live in a room.

I initially put this together as part of the Pledge Music scheme to raise funds for the album, but I came across it again the other day hiding in a dusty corner of my hard drive and decided it might be nice for more people to hear it. 'Dig For The Promise' was intentionally 'big-sounding' with complex arrangements to try communicate the sensory overload of being a newcomer to the chaos and cacophony of Big Old London Town. But having had lots of feedback from the album and live shows we've been doing I thought it would be nice for more people to hear these more stripped down versions of the tracks. I spent a long time trying to craft these songs and getting them right as acoustic pieces, in the hope that they might stand up without all the extra production.

So, here they are in their rawest forms for your scrutinising and dissecting pleasure.

Go easy on them, they are delicate beasts.


PS a live take of 'To My Lordless Sons' recorded at Soup Studio has been added as a bonus track.