Dearest Team Fisher King,

As you may know, 'Fisher King' is now sat in my lap. By that I mean the completed album that myself and several hugely talented people have been beavering away on since the start of the year. I've scrawled the following lines in order to explain why only those of you who've pre-ordered the album by the time our Pledge Music campaign ends in a few weeks will be receiving a copy in late August/early September, and why the official release of the album is being held back until a later date.

Up to now, I've released all of my music 'independently,' meaning it's been flung out into the ether with my own quaking hands as soon as it's finished, without any of the music industry muscle and finance that labels and publishers use to reach larger audiences. Like many unsigned artists, putting the music up on Bandcamp or parceling up albums and mailing them out myself has been the extent of The Little Unsaid's distribution up to now. I've loved this approach as it's given us full control over how the music is made and put across, but it does inevitably limit the number of ears it can reach.

I'm hugely grateful to the people (you are one of them, dear reader!) who have been supporting these independent music-making adventures by coming to gigs, buying and sharing the music, and simply engaging with myself and the people that make it. I can't wait for you all to hear this new album and I'm more proud of this thing we've made than any other project I've been a part of. By taking a leap of faith and pledging towards it you've been a crucial part of this process, and when your copy of the album pops through your door or pings into your inbox I really hope it registers that without your active engagement in this project that little slab of music wouldn't exist.

On top of yours, I want many, many more sets of ears to have 'Fisher King' syringed into them, so to speak. Whether this means the record being distributed by a small label, or coming up with some more funds and creating a professional PR campaign around it, is still uncertain. But time is needed to make these decisions and figure out the best way of promoting the album to avoid it falling by the wayside and all the copies ending up in a landfill whilst I become embittered and washed up, screaming at pigeons in the street that I could've been somebody. So for this reason the official release is going to be held back until further notice whilst myself and a team of people with much larger brains than mine try to tackle these kinds of important decisions. In the meantime there will be plenty going on as we'll be releasing singles and music videos from the album, and continuing to tour our little derrières off, of course.

If you've pledged already, this doesn't change much for you, and I thank you once again for your patience in waiting for 'Fisher King' to squeeze itself through your letterbox like a large carp. If you haven't yet pledged and you'd like to receive an exclusive copy of the album as soon as it's been pressed, make sure you click over to the pledge page and order one post-haste before the campaign ends.

Thanks again, Team, for sticking with us this far, and I'll keep you in the loop as we progress through the turbulent but exciting waters of ALBUM RELEASE STRATEGIES.

Yours, swimming upstream and splashing around lots,

John x