Blast Off - Album Is Launched

We officially 'launched' the new album on Friday night with a gig in the beautiful St Pancras Old Church in London. And it was, at least for me, a bloody magical evening. Or at least it was a hell of a lot more successful than the album launch we did for the first record, where we taped a CD to a Chinese lantern and tried to send it floating majestically into the London skyline from Primrose Hill on a warm summer's evening (instead the whole thing caught fire at an altitude of 2 metres and crashed to the ground in a miserable, flaming heap).

Friday, however, was one of those special shows that suddenly brings meaning back to the whole act of going nuts recording and manipulating strange noises in a tiny room over the past six months. It was wonderful to be playing the songs from the new record in such a great setting and with the string quartet that recorded on the album.

And what an amazing audience; I've never done a gig with such an overwhelmingly joyful response. Some friends, some people I recognise from previous shows in London, some totally new faces - thanks so much to all who came down and filled up that church with your warmth and support as well as your flesh and skeletons and heckles. The atmosphere was unbelievable and it was more than enough to make the past six months of slogging away trying to get this album funded, made and released totally worth it. There are always, at least in my case, huge periods of doubt and uncertainty when it comes to independently tackling a project as big as recording and self-releasing an album, and Friday night was a reminder of why the hell one should bother trying to do it in the first place. This probably all sounds terribly cliched and gushy, but I'm sleep-deprived and feeling all sentimental so fuck it: making music, sharing music and most importantly sharing a musical experience with others that will then vanish into the ether and echo only in people's memories as a fragment of joy in the unfathomably immense span of Time is one of the best feelings in the world, and one that makes all manner of scraping around on the floor of the independent music world for funds, dignity and meaning all the more worthwhile.

Having said all that stuff about the moment vanishing into the ether and all that; that's actually a little bit of a bullshit, as we had a film crew recording the whole set. It will be available to watch online at a later date, warts and all. I'll post the link up here once it's all edited and uploaded onto the www.

Now it's time for me to head off to Germany for eight gigs in eight days. It's my first musical foray onto the continent and I am most excited, as well as a little bit scatterbrained by the tetras-like process of distributing all my gear into various bags to ensure they don't exceed the allotted weights and bring the plane crashing down.