Hello from the Unsaid Factory Floor!

After a busy few weeks of getting the album tracking finished between gigs (several daylight-less days of recording gurgling harmoniums and winding home video sounds through tape delays finished things off in a perfectly unhinged way) I've finally delivered the tracks into the capable hands of Mr Graeme Stewart for mixing. I took a short break afterwards to clear my mind (and ears), but I am now climbing back onto the noble Little Unhorse and galloping my way over to Broadstairs Folk Week where I'm squeezing as many gigs into 24 hours as possible. More info on the festival here, but take my word for it; it's a wonderful week of music and art in a beautiful seaside town, and you should most definitely come no matter where in the world you were planning to be this week. So, see you there!


More news on album progress coming soon for our trusty pledgers, and there's still time to become a pledger and pre-order the album over at our Pledge Page, if anyone out there is still scratching their chin and deciding whether or not it's a good idea to do so. As well as supporting us through the final money-gobbling stages of mixing, mastering and promotion, you'll get the download release early, as soon as we've got it all ready for you. The official release is going to be delayed whilst we figure out the complexities of thrusting music into the world and avoiding letting it fall into the void or getting drowned out by the next animated singing frog meme or something.


John x