Cannes Film Festival

Some time ago I was involved in making a short film to be entered into a bunch of film festivals. Having originally signed up to compose and record the score for the film, I then ended up also co-writing and assistant directing. All hands on deck type business, this independent filmmaking!

Anyhow, the film, Looking After Edward has been selected to be part of the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival this year. Although this doesn't mean it's in the big cheese part of the festival and won't be up for any awards, it means we are in there and can go to the festival to see what the fudge it's all about. I'm planning on taking as many music-making tools with me as I can carry and making some noise out there. It would also be nice if I could have a pretentious conversation over champagne and olives with a high profile Hollywood producer I've never heard of. But I'll take whatever I can get.

A preview clip of the film is below if anyone's interested. It's about a four year old girl who is trying to make her own sense of how the world around her changes when there is a death in her family.

Back to Unsaid land for a moment...there is another new song on it's way this week. Can't say when just yet as it depends on several factors being just right, kind of like life on earth. Soon anyway!

Peace and aubergines,

John x