Hola amigos,

Last week I performed my first ever show in South America, as part of a three week trip rambling around the beautiful country of Colombia. It's been a long time since I fell so hopelessly in love with a place, but Colombia's vibrant culture and wonderful people seem to have really taken hold of me. My trip is nearing the end now and I'm already planning when I can next come back.

I played a two-hour set at Cafe Zorba in Medellin last week, a fantastic vegetarian cafe and bar in the bustling El Poblado district. It was an incredibly humid night (and therefore an incredibly sweaty gig) and it was the perfect place to make my South American debut. I previewed the first Spanish translation of one of my songs too; 'Marca el Camino' ('Lead the Way'), which I'm hoping to capture a recording of soon. Thanks so much to everyone at Cafe Zorba for having me, and here's to more where that came from.

Since then I've been soaking up everything I can in the short time I have here, from city to city and jungle to jungle; from wandering around inside a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel in the timeless town squares of smouldering Cartagena, to winding around the mountains of Rio Negro, to sailing across to the isolated Caribbean beaches of Trayona National Park, to bumbling around the nightlife of colourful Santa Marta at the foothills of the Seirra Nevada. Colombia, you are bloody magical.

It's going to be difficult to leave in a couple of days, but I'm now really looking forward to getting back to TLU HQ to get on with our first single release from the new album, which I'll have more news on once I set foot back on UK soil. There is a lot of work to do to get this new music out into the big wide world, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all make of it when it finally touches down.

Right, the storm clouds are circling and the loudest thunder I've ever heard is kicking up a fuss above me here in Santa Marta, so I should probably go inside before the laptop and I get a refreshing tropical shower. I'll leave you with these holiday snaps that feature yours truly standing infront of things looking confused.

Hasta luego for now, see you on the other side,

Juan x