A Day at Abbey Road

Well, here we are at the legendary Abbey Road studios after several months of wading through the murky waters of our new album, 'Fisher King.' Today I will be mostly skulking around this factory of music history gems whilst Christian Wright and Graeme Stewart, people with far more powerful ears than I, master the album. 

It's been an unusual journey to say the least, what with this album emerging from mostly accidental circumstances involving personal crisis, friendship and tequila. I have to say it feels rather good to round of the adventure in this way, blasting the whole thing through Abbey Road's fine analogue gadgetry and then out of some of the most immense speakers I'll probably ever have the chance to be deafened by.

Now I must sign off and continue scrawling out various orders for the tracks before Christian gets to the final one and it's decision time. Proving a tough nut to crack, the tracklisting for this one. Serves me right I suppose; things like bagpipes, electronic beats, choirs of children and analogue synths probably should be tricky to slot together. All is right with the world.