I've spent the last few days weathering heavy storms on a small island 28 miles off the coast of Land's End, Cornwall, making obscure electronic music out of strange natural noises.

Myself and Isles of Scilly-based musician Piers Lewin have launched a new album of electronic music created to accompany island yoga sessions, meditation, or just a blustery stomp around one of these tiny scraps of rock. The music is made almost entirely from 'found sounds' recorded around the islands, such as the sea thrashing around, seagulls squawking, wind blowing, boats bumping together, rocks crunching, tractors going 'vrum'...that sort of thing.

The track above is my remix/musical butchering of a song originally by Rough Island Band. I'd like to think it would soundtrack an apocalyptic rave on one of the islands whilst a tempest closes in, but hopefully it also serves its primary purpose as a meditative, yoga-friendly track. Somehow.

Listen to the whole album here, if you like: https://fullofnoises.bandcamp.com/album/the-5-elements