I had an absolute blast at Betty's Coffee in Dalston on Friday night testing out a new electronic set I've been working on/banging on about for the past couple of weeks. Using samples taken from the album recording sessions and some new sounds and words thrown in for good measure, I thought it'd be fun to attempt a kind of live remix of some of the album tracks, and also see if I could use the parts to improvise new songs on the spot. Whether it worked or not isn't really the point, as this kind of tinkering around in unfamiliar territory (I still consider myself a total novice in the world of electronic music) is proving to be a really exciting little musical adventure for me after many months working on the album and needing to break out of some of the comfortable routines and patterns I've been falling into when working on new music. I'd like to extend my thanks and raise a mug of tea in salute to the people of Betty's Coffee, for letting me experiment publicly with this new music, and for being so positive and dancing around to it.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the musical spectrum, here is an acoustic recording of 'Midnight On An Island' from the new album. I originally released acoustic versions of the album for pledgers who helped fund the recording, but I may let a few more trickle online to stream in the next few days as I was really quite pleased with how they turned out. I like the idea of having two different versions of the songs on Dig For The Promise, one with the full, electronic production, band arrangements and sampled elements, and another that's totally stripped down, mostly with just guitar, piano and strings. It's always interesting to hear which versions people prefer too, though a lot more time and energy went into the fully produced tracks so if you could pretend to prefer those that would be greatly appreciated.

Bye bye for now.