Final 'Live in Highgate Cemetery' Film

ACHTUNG BITTE! It's exactly one small week until the digital release of 'A Filthy Hunger', the new EP and poetry book package I've been putting together and fretting over the last few months. Needless to say I am ridiculously excited about you all finally having it fondling your eyeballs and ear drums.

To celebrate the fact that it's a week 'til we set these things loose, here is the final instalment of our 'Highgate Cemetery Sessions' films, a series of live recordings of three tracks from the EP made in a glass house amidst the hanging trees and moss-manacled monuments of death. Big thanks once again go to the hugely talented team of Matthew Organ, Jack Hextall, Alex Horsfall and Dave Laycock for bringing these films into existence, and of course also to the gloriously talented Southfields String Quartet.

I hope you enjoy it, here's 'Frankfurt'...