So the day has come! After many hours of envelope sealing and angry sighs around me in the post office queue, I have shipped all of the handmade, limited edition versions of Fisher King out to pledgers. You should hear them flopping through your letterboxes any minute now! Until then, the download is now available to pledgers only at the Pledge page, here.

I’ve put a little note in each of the packages for you, make sure you dig it out when you take out the album/artwork/vinyl/Ritz crackers I’ve sent you.

It would be great to know that ‘Fisher King’ has arrived safely into your hands over the next week or two, so if you can be bothered and don’t mind publicly broadcasting your frankly bizarre musical tastes, I’ve asked you to share pictures of the CD arriving, or perhaps of you listening to it or examining your pledge treats, or a few words about the album after your first listen. If you might be willing to share these sorts of things on the social-Internet-zones like Facebook and Twitter, it would really help us generate a bit of buzz around the album finally floating out into the ether (and do remember to tag The Little Unsaid in your post so I can share it too).

Once again, as this part of the journey ends I just want to say how grateful I am for your support in making this music exist. Although I’m no expert at admin work and the sight of hundreds of empty envelopes filled me with fear yesterday morning, it’s been an utter pleasure making this record with you all involved in this way and keeping in touch with you all during the process. Now that it’s hurtling it’s way towards you through time and space I really can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

John x