Good day,

After plenty of dilly-dallying, internal debates over album release strategies and much pointing at graphs and thoughtful stroking of chins, we have decided to finally just independently release our latest album Fisher King.

Download it here or order a limited edition, hand-packaged hard copy if you like:

We wanted to hold back the release to see if we could figure out how to get the album heard by more people, potentially by involving a small record label who have a bit more muscle than we do on our own. However, this didn't come to pass, so rather than continue to claw and thrash hopelessly against the fortified music industry gates whilst wailing 'WHY WON'T YOU LET US IN', we're putting the album out ourselves anyway in the hope that it will somehow find ears to go into in this increasingly noisy world. I'm very aware that we are basically playing a penny whistle in the middle of a tornado, but having had lots of encouraging messages from people like you about the album, and inquiries about where people can get hold of it before Christmas, it seemed foolish to sit on it any longer when it could be out there at least being listened to by a few of you good folks. So go on, why not give the gift of melancholia this festive season...? (I might need to work on my sales pitch a bit.)

I'm still presentlty rambling between UK towns on this solo tour, and this Wednesday we play our very special London show in Covent Garden, which will be the sort of official 'launch' gig for Fisher King. It's taking place in an orangery in a big old building where homelessness charity Rhythms of Life are based, and we're hugely excited to be putting this gig on in partnership with them. There are still a few advance tickets left here, should anyone else want to join us in this unusual setting for a great cause and one final hoo-haa of the year.

Other tour dates before the end of the year include a special show at Hope Hall in Exeter with my good friend Tobias ben Jacob and Jacob Riddall on 11th December, it's going to be a killer! More info on that one and tickets are available here.

Thanks to all of you for your time, for your support, for spreading the word about Fisher King and for lending your ears to this music I'm spending all my time chiselling away at.

Onwards! Upwards! Sideways!

John x