This September/October I'll be hitting the road with the full band to tour parts of the UK after our frantic festival season. We will have been performing sets at Glastonbury, Secret Garden, Larmer Tree and various other festivals over the summer, so if you'd like to see a version of our set where we aren't all covered in filth and playing in the midst of a monsoon, please come and see us on this tour! We'd really appreciate the support and I can't wait for people to hear the full band setup - it's already sounding rather huge.

Here is the schedule so far, ticket details can be found over on the Live page.


Sept 25th - St Pancras Old Church, London. Tickets
Sept 29th - Bicycle Shop, Norwich
Oct 1st - The Canteen, Bristol
Oct 2nd - The Railway, Winchester
Oct 3rd - Studio Lounge, Totnes
Oct 4th - Miss Peapod's, Cornwall
Oct 5th - The Globe, Exeter


2014 is fast becoming my most nomadic year. And long may it continue...

See you out there in the big wide world,

John x