Funding Target Almost Reached - Thank You!

Dear You Guys,

Once again I'm emailing with a large, overflowing sack of gratitude for all the support you good people have given us during the crowd-funding campaign for our new album 'Fisher King.' We've hit 99%! Huge thank yous to all of you who have pledged and pre-ordered some of the goodies on our pledge page to help us get this next record made and released, we are truly overwhelmed by all your support.

Even once we've hit our goal you can still pre-order the album and any of the exclusives from our Pledge Page up until the album release in the summer, and the further we go beyond our target (which is the bare minimum we need to complete the album) the better a job we can do of the mixing, mastering and pressing of the album to CD without cutting corners/selling our vital organs.

What's more, a percentage of all the money we now raise beyond our funding target will be donated to Youth Music, a fantastic UK-based charity that helps disadvantaged young people by providing opportunities to create, share and enjoy music.

Our mammoth UK-tour is nearing its end now, and we've had an absolute blast. We've done some of the best gigs I've had the pleasure to be involved in on this particular adventure, and some of the best audiences, thanks so much to everyone who has come out to see us on the road and chat to us afterwards. Once its over we will be finalising the album tracks before handing them over to wizard-mixing-man Graeme Stewart, who will be mixing them throughout April. It's great to be working with Graeme again, he's the man behind the production and mixing of Jonny Greenwood's (Radiohead) solo work and film scores so we're very excited about it sounding cinematic.

Right, onwards and upwards/sideways, here's wishing you a pleasant Spring equinox and please don't look directly at the solar eclipse without special eye-goggle devices.

All love,
John and Co
The Little Unsaid x