Glastonbury 2017

We've been on the road since early May, and are now approaching the end of our launch tour for our album Imagined Hymns & Chaingang Mantras. We have two gigs left this week, up in the glorious northlands: Bury, at the Met theatre, and then at Northorpe Barn in my hometown of Mirfield (near Wakefield), more info on those shows here. From there we head straight to Glastonbury Festival where we'll be playing the three shows detailed above beneath a picture of us standing around being normal.

We want to say a huge thank you to every single person who has come out to support us and share a night of live music with us on this tour. It's been our most rewarding adventure yet, with endlessly inspiring audiences and many beautiful, real and enlivening experiences for the band and I across all the shows.

And what better way to close what feels like a landmark romp in the Little Untimeline than in the orgy of creativity, light and filth that is Glastonbury Festival. If you happen to be on the farm next week, do come say hello, we'll be giving each show our all as it's the last time we'll get to do it for a little while.


Take care, look after eachother, try the tasty sweet thing now and then,