Glastonbury Festival Annual Come-Down

On Monday afternoon I sat watching the colourful flags and stalls of Glastonbury being slowly brought to the ground with the usual post-festival melancholy that most of us can’t bear after that epic five days of joy, creativity and meaningful connections with other people. Yet again, it’s been a huge privilege to perform at and be a part of the biggest party in the world, and this year doing it with the full band behind me made it even more fun. Despite PA system-threatening electrical storms, chest colds, ticket confusions and the general chaos of Glastonbury, we had three really enjoyable gigs and are hugely grateful to everyone who came along to see us play or stumbled upon us and stuck around to listen and dance in the mud.

As always, settling back into reality is proving difficult after such an intense few days of music, art and euphoria, but here at Little Unsaid HQ we’re all looking forward to getting the band back on the road for Larmer Tree festival in a couple of weeks. Before then I will mostly be downing various kinds of vitamins and natural cough remedies in the hope that this small demon in the chest will bugger off before the festival.

Here are some pictures of our Glastonbury adventure for you to aim your eyeballs at, if you fancy.

John x