Guess the Gadget

What's that weird machine in that picture, Johnboy? A de-con-fributyzer from an old 1960s sci-fi film set? No! That, amigos, is a photo of the master lacquers of my new EP being cut on a lathe by the clever chaps at Fluid Mastering, ready for the limited edition vinyl pressing of 'A Filthy Hunger'. How does that retro looking piece of gadgetry get music onto a circle of shiny black plastic, Johnboy? I have no fonking idea, friends, but it's terribly exciting. 

As well as the preparations to get the vinyl pressed, myself and the Oompa Loompas have been beavering away here in The Little Unfactory, preparing all of the other exclusive treats you folks have ordered as part of the 'A Filthy Hunger' project. The poetry book is taking shape and nearing completion, with some fantastic additional artwork by various artists, including Amy Windridge and Alex Horsfall (who spent last weekend dousing me in ink for the EP cover), and I'll be sending this off to print in the next week or two. Then, whilst working on the remixes and bonus EP of electronic music, there will be lots of stamp-licking and envelope scribbling going on in typical Santa's grotto fashion. Although the digital version of the EP will be available at the end of May, the aim is to have all physical bits and bobs delivered to you by mid-June, and you can't possibly imagine how much excitement the thought of these things popping through your letterboxes brings me.

This weekend, however, there'll be a break from my Unsaid Retail Work, as the mini-tour with the Rough Island Band kicks off today in London. We'll be climbing aboard Francis Drake's famous galleon the Golden Hinde to quaff ale, stomp around and play tunes from the new album 'On All Sides.' Then it's on to Liverpool, Derbyshire and Sheffield for what will be our first mainland tour EVER. The album's been getting plenty of attention and some really nice feedback from folk giants like Mike Harding who called it 'an absolute cracker,' and it's wonderfully surreal knowing that these noises made in a cottage on an archipelago in the Celtic Sea have been played alongside folks like Echo and the Bunnymen on BBC Radio. Ah, how odd life can seem at times.

That's all from me for now, off to heave away and haul away in preparation for the galleon gig tonight. Here's hoping I don't get seasick and vomit all over my microphone.