HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND (Funding Target Reached!)

So, the Internet is good for lots of things, including stalking long-lost school friends and wasting hours of one’s life watching videos of cats being hilarious. But one of its best uses, in my humble opinion, is in creating communities of music lovers from all over the world who believe in supporting new work by independent artists. You’ve all become part of a community of this kind by pledging towards this new music and poetry that I’ll be sending your way over the coming months, and I can’t thank you enough. Thanks to your faith in the things I’m trying to make and your willingness to order it before you’ve seen or heard any of it, I’m able to get it made without having to resort to: a) compromising the quality of the EP by cutting corners due to unaffordable recording/production costs, and b) selling my soul and compromising artistic integrity by having to submit to the demands of traditional music industry investors who most likely would have wanted me to, for example, cut the songs down to a certain length, edit out the frightening bits, and gyrate around in hotpants in the music videos in order to SELL SELL SELL.

Up to this point, with your help, we’ve managed to record this new music in the best possible way, to get it sounding just how we wanted it, and now it’s waiting to be mastered and properly prepared for ingestion by those perfectly-formed ears of yours. And when it’s released and you find yourself sat listening to it whilst sipping a nice hot beverage, be content in the knowledge that a huge part of it has been built from YOUR love of music and YOUR faith in grass-roots, independent arts projects such as this. And isn’t that a beautiful thing?!

Watch this space for more updates through the mastering, vinyl-cutting, book publishing and artwork-making process. I might need some of your advice along the way as most of this is quite new to me!

I’ll leave you with this picture from the special pledge gig I did at my favourite little coffee shop/bar in East London, Betty’s Coffee, at the weekend. It was a wonderful, heart-warming night with so many friends and supporters crammed into that tiny room, and the cut of bar profits kindly offered by the owners Betty and Michael really helped towards reaching the funding target, so thanks to them and to everyone who came along and got pleasantly pissed.

Have a smashing week,

John x