High-Fiving Hollywood and Animation Project

It's Sunday, and I am wearing a suit. Like a lot of musicians I normally only wear a suit if someone has died or if I'm attending an event that requires me to look like a clean, dutiful member of society. I don't like suits because I've never had one that fits me properly and always feel like a wee boy dressing up in dad's clothes. But I have to make an exception because I'm going to the Cannes Film Festival in a couple of days, and I'm told you have to look smart if you want to stroll along red carpets and high-five A-listers, both of which are my two top goals in life, obviously. Sticking out like a sore thumb is probably worse than putting up with an ill-fitting suit anyway, so here I am trying it on and it seemed like a good time to update the web-using world on all things Little Unsaid.

As I've mentioned here before, I'm going to Cannes with a short independent film that I composed the music for and co-wrote, which has been selected for the Short Film Corner. As well as mingling with like-minded creative folks I'm mainly going to put my name out as a film composer and spread some of music around WILLY-NILLY. At Cannes you can also stroll into the offices of major production companies like Paramount and get a couple minutes to pitch an idea for a film to the top dawns. If I get the chance (and the balls) I'll go in and try get Warner Bros to give me millions of dollars to make movies out of some half-formed ideas I have. Might have to throw in some explosions and nudity to make the plots a bit more 'Hollywood-friendly' but I'll see how far I can get without selling my soul and let you know.

Back in the real world after Cannes I'm back on the road performing new material in the warm up to this year's festivals. I'll be playing in Manchester, London, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset throughout June, check the Live page for more details. The gigs have been great so far, I'm loving performing the new songs and am always amazed when new people start showing up at gigs who have heard about the music from friends or through the web etc. It always makes me smile and it's encouraging to know that the songs are being heard through the grapevine by more people, so thanks to everyone who's spreading the good word.

And finally I'd like to share an exciting new project that a wonderfully talented animator and artist called Kingman Cheng has taken on in recent weeks. He's agreed to produce an animation for 'Through the Fields,' and from the storyboards and developing fragments I've seen it looks like it's going to be eye-meltingly amazing. You can track Kingman's process as he produces the animation at his website here (sneak preview screenshot below too!)

Now I'm going to go put some baggy clothes on and breathe. Take care of each other,

John x