In This House - Official Video

You might remember back in 2016 there was one cheeky, feel-good-hit of the summer that had all the kids bopping away at their local discotheques. And now, after a hell of a lot of work on the part of three immense cinematic wizards, it is my great pleasure to share with you the official video for that song.

Here it is, complete with shotguns, sheep and grave-digging: In This House.

Huge respect to the immense cinematic talents of Jack Hextall and Rick Simms for directing this and guiding me through an eighteen-hour day of rolling around and firing guns. Massive thanks also to the genius visual effects editor and colourist Eoin Greenham for such detailed work on this.

[A SECRET WITHIN BRACKETS: watch this space for a surprise release this weekend involving a live recording of this song from our recent tour, plus unreleased tracks, B-sides and a brand new song. OH MY GIDDY AUNT]

Take care and have a steady day, just take it steady for goodness sake, enjoy yourself,