How to Disappear Completely

It probably seems like I've dropped off the radar because I haven't been Internetting as much as usual. Quite the contrary, for I have been alive and continuing to move around in the real, 3-dimensional world, leap-frogging from musical lilly-pad to musical log and getting into all sorts of mischief.

Work has finally begun on the next recordings, I'm pleased to announce. So far it's just me twiddling around with samples and sounds in my tiny home studio/cupboard, but HECK, everything has to start somewhere, right? The songs have been bubbling away for quite some time so it's great to finally start getting them recorded. Still not sure what form the new material is going to take on as I get further into the recording but I find it's usually best to not worry about this at all and just fling oneself in headfirst and worry about things like that much later. All I can say so far is that it might actually be possible to dance to some of this stuff, which is always fun...

I'm still gigging aplenty and will be up north again next week for my Sheffield debut at the Riverside Bar, which should be great fun. The machine chugs along. Here's a picture from a recent gig at The Islington, in...Islington.

Until next time...brush well,


Photograph by Alex Mousefall: