Into the Gold Rush

March has been the month of new tracks here in the Unsaid musical garden. Spring has breathed life into all our little seedlings and following the three previous new releases (all of which you can listen to and download here) I have today emerged from the Unsaid polytunnel with another freshly picked song.

It's called 'Into the Gold Rush' and was recorded partly on a piano in a school, and partly at home. The Recycled Horn Foundation play brass on it. Have a listen above should you desire.

I'm starting to see that this steady trickle of new tracks is building up and that it might be sensible to gather them together for one big release sometime soon. Having said that I'm still enjoying the process of writing and writing and recording and recording and then immediately seeing a response from all you fine folks who download and listen to them.

I've been rehearsing for the solo shows in April and am finally getting to grips with a way of playing some of the new stuff live that at least suggests some of the larger arrangements that are on the recordings. Also trying to minimise the number of cables I can get tangled up in.

Exciting times, yes yes!

Speak soon, safe journey,