Island Recording, Filming and New Poetry

The seasons are shifting here in London. The days are curling inward like old leaves and the nights are bleeding more and more into the days and the people are doubling up their socks to try stay alive whilst they wait for delayed trains in the crisp autumn sunlight. And as always with the darkening days comes a feeling that life is rolling over into a new chapter too, and here's a short synopsis of what's coming up over here in my little spinning world, should anyone give a hoot in hell about that sort of nonsense.

Tomorrow I'll be (carefully) chucking a load of recording gear on to a large boat and sailing over to the Isles of Scilly, to the tiny island of St Agnes, where I'll be producing a new record with the Rough Island Band. We always make a point of recording on the island, no matter how many expensive microphones may be dropped in the sea in the process of getting a portable studio over there. We'll have seven days to lock ourselves away in a cottage, lose our minds, and record some new music, and I'm pretty damn excited about the new material we've been piecing together over the past year or two. Despite the fact that the band members are all scattered around various corners of the UK, we've actually managed to test out most of the songs live this time, so it should be really interesting having that head start that we never had for the previous albums. Depending on how many Internet signals make it over there from the mainland I'll try keep the Facebook page up to date with how we're getting on, cabin fever pending.

Back in Little Unsaid land later in the Autumn there will be a handful of London live shows to carry on putting this new material I'm working on through its paces. We'll also be doing a live filmed session in Highgate Cemetery with the string section at the end of November, but more on that later.

And finally, after a long time sifting through all sorts of nonsense-notebooks I've managed to accumulate over the years, I'll be publishing my first book of poems before Christmas. Some lyrics will be included, but it'll be mostly unseen and unspoken poems that I've been editing and tidying up over the last few weeks. The book will also include illustrations by David Elliott, who happens to be a brilliant artist as well as my male parent. The book will be available to order soon from this very website, I'll shout about it aplenty once it's ready. If I may don my marketing hat for a moment, I'd like to suggest it would make a lovely Christmas present for anyone who likes to spend the festive season reading poems about bugs, the apocalypse, obsessive relationships and the absurd beauty of a smoggy city, amongst other things.

So there you have it. You are now sufficiently informed on the continuing bumblings of a musical rodent-like creature. You may now sleep soundly, dear friends.

Travel well, be safe and for goodness sake enjoy yourselves,

John x