Well folks, here we are. A new sequence of four digits has come along to tick off yet another of the planet's orbits around our sun, and this signifies for many of us that we must re-assess our lives, radically change our paths or stop eating confectionary for a while.

I'm not one for reflecting too much on the unfathomable disappearance of time, but I will say that 2013 was an exciting ride for The Little Unsaid, and largely thanks to the support of you fine people who continue to believe in what I'm doing and listen to the music. To all who supported the recording and release of 'Dig For The Promise,' came along to see me on tour and continued to spread the word about these little noises of mine in this incredibly noisy world: I am eternally grateful.

2014 holds lots of big musical plans in store, but the first mission was completed today. After finishing the mixes of the new Rough Island Band album I'm producing, I dropped the final tracks into Abbey Road Studios for mastering this evening. (There's a picture above of me playing it real cool whilst I was there, for your amusement.) It's odd to think that the songs we recorded all those months ago in a cottage on a tiny scrap of rock off the coast of Land's End are being mastered in the legendary studio where a bunch of famous Liverpudlians once sang about living in a submarine. Life really can be wonderfully surreal sometimes. The album is to be released in April, but there may be some previews surfacing before then.

More news of the next project from The Little Unsaid very soon. Here's to another adventure-filled year, I hope you'll stick with me for the ride.

End transmission.

John x