June UK Tour

Well, then! The new EP and poetry book have now both been unleashed, and it seems there isn't much more to do other than hit the road and thrust them aggressively into the faces of the unsuspecting public. Thanks so much to all who've given feedback on the release so far. I posted out a batch of physical copies and books today and the vinyl will be on its merry way soon (hopefully it'll arrive here this weekend) so not long to wait now if you're still waiting on your porky prime cut.

Next Friday my solo UK tour begins, on which I'll be supporting the wonderful Catherine Feeny, beginning in London at the Gallery Cafe then moving upwards, outwards, onwards from there over about two weeks of incessant music-making, couch-surfing and motorway eye-spying. Come and see us along the way and raise a jar with us, please! It would be great to have your support and see some of you on our journey across this fine little island. I'm really looking forward to getting out into the big wide world and playing MUSIC for real, live human people again. I always forget how much admin is involved in running the pledge campaigns, and I'm now very much ready to get my eyes away from computer screens and rebirth myself into reality.

So, peruse our plan of action below and hopefully, fellow UK-dwellers, I might see you in a venue near you over the next few weeks. Advance ticket details can be found on Catherine's website, here or following the links over on my Live page.

John x

JUNE 13 — Gallery Café, London
JUNE 15 – The Latest Music Bar, Brighton
JUNE 16 – Norwich Arts Centre
JUNE 17 – Portland Arms, Cambridge
JUNE 18 – Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
JUNE 19 - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
JUNE 20 – Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham
JUNE 21 – Bristol Folk House
JUNE 22 -- Kitchen Garden Café, Birmingham