Last Chance to Pledge for Our New Album

Hello from autumnal London Town,

I'm writing to let you know it's the last chance to Pledge for (pre-order) your copy of our new album Imagined Hymns & Chaingang Mantras, or for any of the special items available on our current Pledge campaign. The campaign will be ending very soon and we'll then be releasing the album to Pledgers only in early November (prepare thy delicious ears, dear Pledgers...).

After this date, the album will be held for widespread release until a yet-to-be-decided date in 2017, so, if you haven't done so already and might like to, this is your final chance to join our supporters for this project and have the album sent to you within the next few weeks. I can honestly say it's the best set of songs I think we've ever recorded and I'm immensely excited to share it with you all.

This is also the last chance to grab any of the other limited edition incentives and treats from our Pledge page, should you desire a personalised special thing from us like lyrics books, cover versions of your choice or signed artwork and things. Things made with our very own greasy fingers, just for you. THINGS.

We're in the middle of our UK tour at the moment; below is an image of what we look like and where we are going - come revel with us, friends! We'd love to see you, play for you, chat to you, all the things that make being on the road so worthwhile for us, along with the exceptional glamour of sleeping on floors and being squashed into an estate car with all our gear for many hours.

And finally, the official video for our current single Symptomatic is on the way, but for now in case you missed it, here's a live acoustic version we filmed in Berlin whilst we were touring over in yonder Germany in September. We hope you like it.

Watch Symptomatic - Live in Berlin here.

Faretheewell for now, and stay warm out there, or hydrated and sun-creamed if you're in one of the hot bits of the earth,