Making the Artwork for 'A Filthy Hunger'

I've spent the day getting covered in ink and having my face violently pressed against pieces of damp paper. Two fantastic artist friends of mine, Amy Windridge and Alex Mousefall, have been busy manipulating my face in all sorts of messy ways, and splicing it with images of splattered paint, twisted hair and spirals of gluey gravel to create the artwork for 'A Filthy Hunger.' When I haven't been busy headbutting paper I've been making the coffee and watching in awe as they work their magic. It's looking great already! Some of the artwork will be used for the vinyl and CD sleeves, some for the poetry book, and some will be made into prints that will be sent out to those of you who've ordered limited edition artwork. We are a well-oiled, inky machine right here in The Little Unsaid Factory/Kitchen. Here are some pictures of us making things to enjoy whilst I go and spend two hours aggressively scrubbing my face with soap.