Merry Year-End from The Little Unsaid

From the bottom of all of our hearts here at Little Unsaid HQ, thank you so much for supporting our music-making adventures throughout our busiest year to date.

It's been wild, it's been nomadic, it's been loud, it's been bleary-eyed, it's been wide-eyed, it's been full of so many shared moments of musical joy and we are as always massively grateful for your support in helping us get the new album, Fisher King, made and released, and for coming to see us as we zoomed around Europe thrusting it into to as many ears as possible. I can only carry on making this music because good folks like you listen to it and help spread the word in this loud and bewildering world, so huge thanks for sticking with me and my strange little songs on this journey.

Fisher King is available over on Bandcamp (our limited edition handmade copies are almost sold out, but there will be regular physical copies available in the new year) and also on iTunes, Spotify, and probably several other overflowing musical streams that I'm not cool enough to be aware of.

I'd also just like to nod enthusiastically in the direction of this glum little attempt at a Christmas song that I released last year. All proceeds from downloads of this alternative festive ditty go to UK homelessness charity, Shelter.

And on that note, here's wishing you all a peaceful end of the year. See you on the other side...

All love,
John x