Natural History Museum Performance

Last night was a pretty monumental occasion for us here in Little Unsaid Land. We performed some music in the Central Hall of the Natural History Museum, gazing out upon hundreds of late-night museum revellers, awesome Victorian architecture and diplodocus bones. The whole experience was pretty exhilirating, hearing the music soar out in that incredible space with Darwin's statue looming behind us. And there aren't many gigs where you can walk off stage and sip a pale ale whilst stroking a 600 million year old fossil. Below are some photographic highlights from the night should anyone other than my mum be interested in seeing such things.

That was our last show (technically) before 2013 disappears from view. I'll be mixing late into these swelling Winter nights, trying to get the new Rough Island Band album ready for mastering in the new year, and also continuing writing new material for next year's project. There'll be more news on this matter along the way, but for now I'll leave you with said photos of the bewilderingly joyful chaos that was last night at the Natural History Museum.

Stay warm,

John x