New Album Campaign Launched

Hello out there!

Here I am once again, hauling a sack full of new songs to the top of the hill to squeal "WE'VE MADE SOME NEW THINGS" into the valley below.

Here I am once again asking for your support if you'd like a new The Little Unsaid album to exist in the world.

Here's the lowdown:

We're calling this project Imagined Hymns and Chaingang Mantras. Our Pledge page is here if you'd like to go straight there to find out more.

Myself and the band have been touring non-stop since we finished our album Fisher King last year. We'll be recording this new album together, with thousands of road miles, hundreds of shows, and countless stale service station sandwiches behind us.  

Graeme Stewart (Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead's producer) will be working with us in the studio, helping us capture the raw, live sound of the band for the album. We'll have various other collaborators helping us too, drawing on the ever-expanding community of creative folks who we've met on our travels and roped into our odd little world.

We are joining forces with Pledge Music once again to try make this all happen.

As many of you know, the music that me and my musical comrades have been making these past six years has all been recorded and released independently, without any support from the big-commercial-music-industry-machine.

Our route around the machine so far has helped shape The Little Unsaid into what it is today.

In bypassing the commercial industry, we've instead relied on building connections with this quietly-growing underground community of fans and artists that YOU have helped gather around this music by following it, sharing it, living with it.

This creative exchange is ridiculously exciting to us, and it's now just as essential to the making of this music as guitar strings and single malt whisky.

Once again we're going direct to the people we are making the music for to ask for some support so we can get this new album recorded and drop it into your laps lovingly, like a loyal pooch might deliver the morning newspaper to his master.*

Making this album is a massive step for us, and we're so grateful to all of you who are willing to join us for this part of the ride. We really can't get this one off the ground without you.

Whether you pre-order the album, invite us to come play a gig in your house, or take part in this pledge campaign in any way, you are making a commitment to this furry little independent artist that is hugely valued by all of us here in Little Unsaidland, and I bloody love you for it.

Thank you so much for reading if you made it this far. Visit our Pledge page here to find out more and see some of the exclusive treats we're offering in support of this project. There's also a video below that explains this whole chapter of The Little Unsaid Chronicles with the use of some amazing illustrations drawn by Mariya Brachkova, our very own keyboard-synth-vocal-magician.

Let's get to work!

John x

*Albums will most likely be delivered by standard international postal services, we won't actually approach you on all fours like a dog with the CDs between our teeth. Unless you really want us to. x