NEW ALBUM - Day is Golden: Selected Works

Hello Friend!

The Little Unsaid have spent seven years releasing songs that chart my journey from small, bewildered boy to the small, bewildered man that stands before you today.

Our music has evolved and shape-shifted along with my view of this beautiful, despicable, incredible world.

It has lingered in the darkest corners of life like the outcast at a party and it’s been sung by thousands of good folks like yourself in festival fields, theatres, clubs and bars.

It’s been an electrifying journey to here and we want to mark what we’ve done up to this point whilst giving new fans a dynamic, concise entry point into our music.

It would be incredible to have your support in pre-ordering the PLEDGE ONLY DOUBLE DISC SPECIAL EDITION of our new release "Day Is Golden – Selected Works.”

The album collates all the key songs from our career to date with carefully selected music that maps our story in the most honest and coherent way.

We have upgraded the sound with new remastering and for this special Pledge-Only Limited Edition there will be a host of deluxe extras and some unreleased material too, including a whole extra bonus CD.

Selected Works will be a beautiful collectible package that, depending on your choice of pre order will include:

Limited Edition Signed Double Disc Album CD

Signed Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Signed and Dedicated Book, which we hope you will enjoy as an insightful companion to this album, featuring new writings as well as lyrics, notebook cuttings and photographs from the band’s personal collections.

To help us fund the creation of this album we’re also offering a host of personalised extras including artwork prints, custom-written songs, lyrics books, house concerts and more. Have a wander around our Pledge Page here to browse these and see if anything tickles your pickle.

Whether you’ve been with us from the start or joined us at some point along the road, it would be amazing to have your support in pledging for this definitive collection of our work so far. It really does make such a difference to us.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for your support in helping us do what we do.

Much Love,

John, Alison, Mariya & Tim x