Hello, friends! Now then.

Against the advice of the 'albums are dead' theorists and those who believe it's an all-round terrible idea for independent musicians to try make something so hugely expensive and expansive, I've gone and started to make a new album. But we've begun making it in the hope that perhaps some of you good music-loving people out there might be interested in getting involved and pre-ordering it to help us make it as good as possible and deliver it directly to your ear holes. It's called 'Fisher King' and I'm already really excited about you hearing it.

‘Why the devil would we buy some music made by a small, ferret-man before we’ve even heard it?’ Good question!

The main reason is you’d be getting directly involved in supporting a small community of independent artists, musicians and producers in creating something that’s hopefully exciting and unique. The Little Unsaid remains an entirely independent project; no record labels or music publishers are bankrolling us, which is unfortunate in some ways, but great in others. Without them, we can make the music we want to make, interact directly with our audience and listeners, and get the music straight to you the way we intended. But it means we need to ask for your support and trust now and then in getting such a huge project off the ground.

So if you’d like us to continue making new music, you can visit our Pledge Page here and you can choose to pre-order your copy of the album now, before it’s finished, to help us get it finished! Your pre-order would help us pay for the many steps of album-making that all cost amounts of money we just don’t have:

- Hire of the studio where the album is being recorded
- Producer, engineer and mixer fees for those involved in capturing and crafting the sound
- Contributing musician’s fees for the string, brass and woodwind players on the album
- Mastering costs to prepare the album for release in various formats
- Creating and preparing artwork for the album packaging
- Mass-producing a large batch of CDs of the album and unleashing them into the big wide world

The more funds we raise, the better a job we can do at each of these stages, so if you would like to support us further you can pledge for all sorts of unique, personalised treats such as handmade lyrics booklets, house concerts, my guitar, an acoustic album, original artwork, VIP concert tickets and more. Have a little look down this page to see if there are any extras you’d like to pledge for, all of which include the new album itself as a download or CD. You'll also get regular, pledger-only updates throughout the process and right up to the release.

A percentage of the money raised beyond our goal will be donated to Youth Music, a wonderful UK charity that helps disadvantaged children and young people by giving them access to all kinds of music projects and resources as tools for self expression, therapy and personal growth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our pledge page and find out about our latest musical tinkerings. We are endlessly grateful for your support in helping us do what we do, and if you decide to pledge we hope you enjoy this album. We really believe we’re making the best collection of songs we’ve made so far, and can’t wait to share the journey and finished album with you.

Big love,

The Little Unsaid