New Album Recording

Here's wishing you all a happy new year! May 2015 bring you all sorts of joy, fulfilment and a good dose of cake, preferably one with that buttery squidgy sugary stuff inside it.

It's shaping up to be a busy year for us here at Little Unsaid Enterprises Ltd. We have our biggest full band tour booked, more gigs outside the UK cropping up (more on that soon) and over the festive season I've been busy making noises into microphones to begin work on Album Number Three.

The album is still in the early stages of production, and I'll be setting up a new pledge campaign to offer pre-orders and exclusive personalised treats in order to fund getting the darn thing made. That is the only way for folks like me to make the things we make in this ever-shifting musical world, and I really hope people will be willing to support our music-making and join us on our musical romps through the year ahead. *Note to self, replace word 'romps' with something else before publishing this.* Myself and producer Michael Griggs have been beavering away into the frosty nights at Shelter Studio, a delightful wee basement studio in London Town full of some of the most amazing sound-sculpting toys and analogue gadgetry I've ever been let loose upon. We've been recording all sorts of ridiculous noises so far; the sounds of us stomping up and down staircases, shaking toolboxes, hitting IKEA furniture with sticks and playing Turkish instruments neither of us have any idea how to play. Despite how absurd that all may sound, we're both really excited with how the songs are taking shape and can't wait to share them with you people later this year.

More updates from the studio to come soon, until then please ensure you take the time over the next few days to grab this new year by the neck, shake it into submission, pry open its tightly clamped jaws and howl 'I SHALL CONQUER YOU' down it's gaping throat.

Have a grand week,