Our new release for Reveal Records 'Selected Works' is out on the 18th May, and it's currently Featured Album of the Month over at Folk Radio UK. Head over to Folk Radio to read their very thoughtful and in depth write up on the album, a snippet of which is below.

"Great art can often come from the darkest places, and it shouldn’t be forgotten when listening to The Little Unsaid that many of these songs were born out of very real human experience. They are musically inventive and lyrically astute documents of this experience, but more than that they offer a clearer way of understanding it, and perhaps even a way of helping to overcome its darker periods" (FRUK 2018)

We're so excited about this record being out in the world, it feels like a very important little slab of TLU history for us. These are songs we've lived very closely with over this part of our journey making music together, and it's absolutely magic for us to be able to share this with you through a label who we've respected and followed for a long time.

Order your copy of Selected Works over yonder at the Reveal Records site.

Much love,