Anyone who came to the UK tour shows in April will remember the wonderful Cate Ferris, who I shared the stage with at each gig. Here's my new remix of her song 'Leave A Light On,' which I just finished yesterday. I'm having loads of fun doing this sort of stuff at the moment inbetween writing new songs and banging around on the piano and guitar. I'm still feeling like a total novice when it comes to electronic music, which is half the joy; the happy accidents when roaming unfamiliar territory and the necessity of pushing software and hardware in awkward directions to achieve what you want because you haven't mastered all their functions by a long shot. Much fun. This track will probably form part of the new electronic set I've been working on, which I'm testing out at a special show in the fantastically intimate Betty's Coffee in Dalston next Friday, 14th June. I'll also be remixing some of the tracks from 'Dig For The Promise' live. We'll see how that works. Come along and get sweaty with us, why don't you?

As well as remixing I've been finishing some final tweaks on the music for short film 'The Boy and The Bus,' which is now nearing completion and will be screened later this year. I caught a peak at the colour grade the other day and it's looking great, I'm really excited to see it all come together and have my music on there.

Other than that, there's mainly been festival preparation going on round these parts. I've written a couple of new songs that are still works in progress, but I'll be arranging string parts for them over the next few days so we can blast them out in fields, and we're tightening up the set with the string players ready for Glastonbury in a couple week's time. Very much looking forward to being back in the Garden of Eavis.

Signing off for now, here's wishing you all glorious weekends full of laughter and amuse-bouches.