Fisher King - Live with the Southfield String Quartet

Hello dear friends and fellow music-munching humans,

I'm gleefully flinging this email through your digital letterbox because I'd like to tell you about a new acoustic album we just released.

We're very happy to release this acoustic version of our 2015 album Fisher King, featuring the Southfield String Quartet and recorded live in a glass house in the middle of London's beautiful Highgate Cemetery. It's downloadable exclusively at our Bandcamp page for anyone who wants to hear these alternative, stripped-down versions of the songs in all their brutally raw glory...follow this here link to put it in your ears.

Three of these tracks were filmed and turned into our Highgate Cemetery Sessions videos over on YouTube, but during those sessions we recorded alternative versions of the rest of the album and compiled them into an acoustic album, originally for anyone who pre-ordered it through our Pledge Music page. The album was produced, recorded and mixed by our long-time collaborator Michael Griggs of Waratah Records, and it captures all but one of the original album tracks ('Lolita', which is tricky to perform live without a string octet as I scored too many string parts...whoopsy-daisy...) in an intimate live setting.

Thank you so much to those of you who listen to this acoustic album and download it, you are helping us continue to sustain what we do in the midst of hectic times and we flippin' well love you for it. We've taken more time out of touring this summer because we wanted to put more time and care into the new full-length studio album we're currently finishing, and less gigs means we take a hit financially - so, as well as capturing and sharing our live performance of these songs with you all, releasing accompanying acoustic albums like this is a way of independent folks like us trying to stay afloat whilst making new work. As always, we really appreciate that it's only because of folks like you listening to and sharing our music that we can carry on making it. We salute you!   

Here's hoping you're having a pleasant weekend wherever you are and that there is sunshine or serenity or delicious chocolate ice-cream pouring down onto you.

John x