New Music and Visuals

Hello everyone,

as you may or may not know, a few months ago I started a new project with two other musicians/visual artists in which we planned to make things for the eyeballs and earholes using harp, electronics, violin, voices, loops, beats, drawings, animated things and cameras. The first song and video we've cooked up is above should you be interested to see and hear it (you can also download the song by clicking here, if you like). We started the project purely for the joy of creating things and experimenting in unfamiliar territory, and we really hope you enjoy this first release. It's called 'Take What You Want.'

Back in the world of The Little Unsaid there will be plenty of news coming your way soon regarding the new album. The tracks are currently being mixed by long-time Jonny Greenwood and Radiohead collaborator Graeme Stewart, and as the mixes trickle in I'm getting more and more excited about you all having them swirling around in your ears and brains. I'll be recording the acoustic version of the album in the coming weeks for those of you who have ordered it exclusively from the Pledge page (it's not too late if you'd still like to grab a copy and support the project, click here to go to the Pledge page via the magic of HYPERLINK.)

To the UK-dwellers amongst you, if you haven't already then do check the tour dates for April as it would be lovely to see you somewhere along the line on the album launch adventure, with the fantastic Cate Ferris also on the bill. The full list of shows is here - come along, bring a friend, and we shall make merry, the lot of us, in deliciously debauched ways.

That's it from me for now. Here's wishing you a wonderful, whimsical weekend without any wearisome aliteration.

John x