New Song 'Hunger', Secret Garden Party and Beyond

One of those days happened yesterday where I woke up and a song fell out of my brain like a soggy muffin. With the help of the inimitable Gwen Tumms I made this quick little live video, have a gander and see what you make of it.

This is one of a few new songs I'm working on this week in my temporary home-studio setup, which is thankfully now in a room that is bigger than a shoebox and has better ventilation to help me survive this intense heatwave that's cooking London at the moment. As always I have several acoustic songs and a couple of purely electronic tracks, and am struggling to find a place where they meet in the middle. Maybe they won't. Vaguely considering releasing the electronic stuff under an alias, such as DJ BATSHITZ or THE DETONATING STILETTO ORCHESTRA. The names need work, but the kernel is there, at least.

I'm also arranging some new string parts for this weekend's gigs at Secret Garden Party, which I'm pretty damn excited about now that the post-Glastonbury illness has scarpered. I'm hoping to demo at least one of these new songs at the festival with the string quartet. Come along and witness if you're going. WITNESS, PEOPLE. Small World Stage, Sunday 5:30pm.

After that I'll be a musical nomad again for a few weeks, travelling first to the Isles of Scilly for some more island-hopping gigs with my dear friends the Rough Island Band. From there I somehow have to leg it to Kent for Broadstairs Folk Week where I'll be playing alongside the stunningly handsome and talented Mr Tobias B Jacob, and from there I'm heading to Beautiful Days festival in Devon, where I'm 97.4% sure I'm playing a show. Then stumbling back into London Town for a homecoming show at The Jamboree. Phew.

Just writing all that down, it turns out, was enough to make me throw my train timetables at the wall in confusion and need to go for a nap. See you on the other side,

John x