New Video, T-Shirts and Kate Bush

Alright, y'all!

Here I am, back in Old London City, at the end of what has been a whirlwind of a summer festival season. Small World Festival this Spring and Glastonbury around solstice time now feel like another age altogether, and my first experience of Beautiful Days Festival last week was a total joy and the perfect way to end the adventure. Thank you to everyone who came to support and see me play along the way, it was an utter pleasure watching you being all muddy and merry whilst I made my noises.

Thanks also to those who showed up at festival gigs in their most attractive Little Unsaid T-Shirts. There are a still a limited few of these left at the link below should anyone else want to be one of the cool kids and own their very own Little Unsaid garment with a doodle of pigeons on it that I am most proud of. Once they're gone there won't be another batch of these ones sadly, so they're 'limited edition' as they say:

Click here for T-Shirts (scroll down page)

The official video for 'Into The Faceless Night' is now available to gander at on YouTube, now re-edited with the album version of the song. Anyone who hadn't already seen the video, it was directed by Alex Horsfall and features lyric artwork made by primary school children in East London, and a cast of random strangers who we stopped in the street and asked to hold the artwork whilst we pointed cameras at them. We're obviously back down to zero views as the film had to be re-uploaded with the new soundtrack, so if you could kindly share the video like mad so we can bump it back up to those few thousand views in no time that'd be hugely appreciated.

'So what does the future hold for you, John?' I hear you ask through a mouthful of cornflakes. Well, I'm spending the next few weeks on some new writing and recording projects with various folks, as well as remixing a few tracks for friends of mine (more news on that later). Today (Sunday) any London-dwellers amongst you might want to pop down to the magical Jamboree in Limehouse to see myself and some string players do an afternoon show from 5pm...more info on the gig is here. It's a wonderful venue and should be a really special show, with a few new songs chucked in there too. After that I'm playing a song at The Good Ship in Kilburn at a night celebrating Kate Bush's seminal album Hounds of Love, more info on that is here. As I was added to the bill quite late in the game I won't be doing my usual 'Cloudbusting' cover as someone bagged that one before me. Instead I've opted for something from The Ninth Wave which I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to recreate live. I'll leave it to those Bush fans out there to hazard a guess at which one.

Thanks so much once again for all your support this summer, and for supporting the independent release of 'Dig For The Promise' all those months ago. I'm really chuffed at how the album is being received and as you know, it wouldn't have been possible to make it and continue promoting it without support from people like you guys in spreading the word, sharing it online, playing it at offensive volumes from car stereos and coming to the gigs.

I must now go and conduct my usual pre-gig ritual of Googling pictures of Paddington Bear before this afternoon's performance. Have a wonderful Sunday,

John x