Official Album Trailer

Dear Good People Out There…10 DAYS AND COUNTING!

Imagined Hymns & Chaingang Mantras is released on April 1st, and we hope you are all at least 8% as excited about this as we are here in The Little Unlaboratory.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are hugely grateful to all you people who have been with us on this journey from the start, helping bring this project to life and get this album out into the world where it will hopefully reach a few more ears over time. It may take time; we’re not expecting it to be suddenly slam-dunked into the open minds of millions of people, because we are of course just small, squealing creatures compared with the huge shiny shouty chart-topping beasts that are all competing for ear-space. But we have faith that this music will continue to find its audience over time amidst all that noise, and we thank you all for helping it do that.

Here is the official album trailer if you’d like to see it, complete with dramatic noises and scrambled images, we hope you can dig it.

Large hugs and fist bumps from all of us here,

John & Co x