Post-Glastonbury Re-assessment of Major Life Goals and Career Objectives pt.1

I'm sure there has been enough said about this year's Glastonbury festival, both from the main-stage-stalking media and all the lucky revellers, workers and performers who were there and have been complaining since Monday about how depressed returning to reality has made them. So I shan't bang on about it too much. It's probably enough to say this year I had the best experience I've ever had of Glastonbury. We had two wonderful shows, one on the only rainy afternoon at which the marquee filled with people seeking shelter (great to have lots of new, slightly sodden listeners there) and the other at 1am on the Monday morning in a strange electric atmosphere that often occurs when everyone is so wasted or knackered but wants to carry on (me included). I'm now transmitting massive thank you vibes to all those who came to our performances, listened, chatted to us afterwards, bought CDs, gave us cake (cooked inside a badger oven apparently), and since returning to the real world have found us online to download the music and send encouraging messages full of nice words. Huge thanks too to the wonderful community of the Small World Solar Stage for having us play in the first place, and for being such warm-hearted and welcoming people to share a week of music and hedonism with. I already cannot wait for Secret Garden Party in a few weeks.

Aside from our own gigs I spent my time wandering around the farm in a euphoric daze, without plans, no agenda, other than that I absolutely HAD to see Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds play (who, by the way, absolutely stormed it - I've never seen anyone climb across audience members and shout 'I'm a bad motherfucker' into their faces quite like that). I've come home with the usual long-lasting high and a head still buzzing with new music and the joy of colliding with so many good-spirited strangers in the midst of all that beautiful chaos.

What now? Well, next Wednesday I'm playing at a special night of film and music curated by the lovely folks at Cannes in a Van (Cannes Film Festival gurus of portable cinema action), see the poster at the bottom of the page for details.

I also did a session on Wednesday for BBC World programme The Arts Hour, where I struggled to stifle the post-Glastonbury coughs and sniffles to play a live version of 'Through The Fields' and talk about my experience of this year's festival. It'll be included in the programme this weekend on Saturday 16.06, Sunday 17.06 and 19.06 (All GMT) on BBC World Service, and I'm on right at the end of the hour-long programme. I'm told the station has an audience of 42 million listeners worldwide. They'd better all be bloody listening to The Arts Hour...

I'm writing new material at the moment, riding the surge of murky inspiration that's spiralling from last week's madness. So far the subject matter is pretty scattered, including red light districts, intoxication and rioting. Make of that what you will. I'm hoping to do a couple of live videos in the next few days to put online so you fine people out there in Internet land can give me some much needed feedback. Fingers crossed it won't scare anyone too much. Actually, scratch that, fingers crossed it will.

Until next time, large love...

John x