Guess what, friends!


If you're interested in listening to these new sounds we've been beavering away over, pre-ordering the music and any of the other additional treats over on the Pledge Music page will make it possible for us to fund getting the project off the ground and record the new material in the best possible way, before sending it directly to your ears in exactly the way we intended. No middle men, just us making something and putting it straight into your hands. 'Tis a beautiful thing!

I'm recording these new songs in collaboration with the Southfields String Quartet, four wonderful musicians who have been performing with me live since the release of 'Dig For The Promise' last year. You may have seen us play together at some point over the last year; they really are wonderful, and they don't even bat an eyelid when you ask them to slap and punch their instruments as if they were drums, like this.

We're really excited about this collection of new songs, and the idea is to release them as part of a unique, limited edition package that includes (depending on your preferences) 12-inch vinyl, CD, and downloads of the music, brand new artwork and a beautifully printed book of poems that I've been working on in tandem with the music. There will only be a VERY limited number of these full, drool-worthy packages available, pieced together, signed and sent out to you by my very own bony hands. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Over on the Pledge page you can also help support the crafting of this new and exciting beast by ordering some exclusive treats, which include an EP of new electronic music I've been making, a private gig in your house, a remix of your song by yours truly, limited edition artwork prints and more. Click here to go to the Pledge page and have a proper sniff around.

Once you've pledged, you'll get access to super-top-secret updates and exclusive peaks at videos of the recording process and previews of the new tracks as they take shape over the coming weeks.

Well, I think that covers everything! All that's left is for me to sincerely thank YOU GUYS once again for your continuing support and interest in the music I make. As always, it is an incredibly exciting prospect for me to be able to work directly with people like you, who value the opportunity to support and appreciate the work of independent artists like myself, and to share the process with me in this way right from day one of recording up to the release.

Let us raise a cup o' kindness to this next adventure in The Little Unsaid Saga! I hope you'll stick with me for this next leg of the journey.

All love,

John x