Recent Shows and Office Life

Last week is a bit of a blur in retrospect. I've been insanely busy in the Little UnOffice, knocking back the coffees and frying my eyes in front of computer screens as I try and bring all the scraps of information and plans together to get the new album underway. We're almost there. I'll be setting up a pledge page this week to try and work with you folks and anyone who wants to support my music-making in order to fund the project without the need for record labels coming between the audience and the music. It works through offering pre-orders of the album in various formats, as well as other exciting incentives and exclusives! I'm really excited about this prospect and about being able to get my teeth stuck into the recording so that I can get the music out to you as soon as it's ready.

I had a few much-needed breaks from the square-eye jobs when I went to see Radiohead twice in London last week. What an incredible band they are, and so great to see them on such good form, clowning around and cracking jokes on stage, still having such a brilliant time making music together after all these years. And the music sounded utterly perfect. Those kinds of gigs that leave you feeling euphoric for days afterwards don't come around that often.

Last Friday I played at St Pancras Old Church in London, which was absolutely magic. Candlelit church, amazing acoustics, and a lovely audience all bundled up in their winter clothes because it was so bloody freezing. There's a wee video clip from this show below.

Then on Saturday I hopped on a train to Norwich to play at the Bicycle Shop (best cake in the world) as part of Norwich Sound and Vision Festival. The night was sold out so there was some great sweaty atmosphere circulating in that basement, it was an absolute joy, even if I did inadvertently suggest that one of my songs is full of euphemisms. It isn't. Makes it hard to play with conviction after you've said something like that…

Keep an eye out for the pledge page going live this week, and fingers crossed we can work together to get this long overdue second album made! The times they are a changin'.

John x