Recording Continues...

Hello my friend.

Thought it was high time I wrote a little update on how recording has been going: it's been going well. Bye.

Just kidding. Here's some slightly more in depth reportage for anyone who's even remotely interested in things like small Northern chaps pressing buttons and pointing microphones at things in a tiny room.

home studio chaos

I've been recording at home for the past few weeks, preparing the core of each track using Ableton (some glorious software that I find useful for arranging and beat making.) From those late, sleepless hours I've been spending as a novice electronic musician I've borrowed a lot of sampling techniques and have included a lot of found sounds I recorded around London to make rhythms and create atmosphere. Automatic doors opening and closing, trains rattling around, traffic hissing through the rain and people shouting in markets, that sort of thing. This album is largely about my experience of London so I really want the sounds of the city to be in its bones, always simmering away somewhere under the surface.

I've then been whacking this into ProTools to edit and add 'real' instruments. I'm now just over half way through preparing all the tracks in this way, and despite a bit of cabin fever in the tiny shoebox that is my home studio, it's really coming together. Today I'm going to check out a studio in Limehouse that we'll hopefully be using to record the strings, and maybe some pianos and vintage keyboards too (they have a mouth-watering, finger-tingling selection.) Later in December I'll also be doing my Travelling Studio routine and going around with my laptop and mics to record a handful of wonderful musicians who have agreed to help out but are scattered around Fair England.

So that's where I'm at with recording. There's still lots of work to be done to get everything recorded before Christmas, ready for mixing in January, but December is a good month for locking oneself away in a warm room with hot beverages and chipping away at something, I think.

In a bit of other news, the new project I'm working on with harpist Alice Phelps and filmmaker Alex Horsfall is providing much-needed occasional respite from the album slog. The idea was to put together a band with harp, violin, loops, beats, electronics, vocals and live visuals, and not really plan or talk much about what we're trying to make or push it in any certain direction. It's blossoming and growing of its own accord like some out of control musical fungus and I'm really excited about playing our first shows next year.

Slags Practice pic

Right, enough typey-type. Back to the music.

Love and vitamins,

John x