Like an egg tumbling through time and space toward the face of a half-witted politician, we find ourselves here in camp Unsaid hurtling closer towards the release date of 'A Filthy Hunger', ready to spill our delicious yolk all over his moronic face. Sorry, got my similes tangled there. What I mean is the digital EP and poetry book are released in two weeks and I'm really flippin' pleased about this.

The digital versions will be in the ears of you mighty fine folks on 26th May, whilst the physical bits and bobs are predictably taking slightly longer to produce (as things often do when they exist outside the cyber realm). I'm personally using my own saliva to seal all the envelopes and my own bony hands to send out all the CDs, vinyls, poetry books and pieces of artwork as soon as everything arrives here. I'm hoping to have these dropping into your mailboxes in mid-June, but I'll keep you posted (no pun intended) on progress regarding this as and when I hear news from the various folks involved in producing the various parts of the release.

I've spent the last few days sat at a cluttered desk that's practically quivering with the weight of old notebooks, sketchbooks, doodles on napkins and old receipts and prints donated by kind artist friends of mine. I've been finalising the design and layout of the poetry book, which I'm sending off to print today with one click from a nervously twitching finger. Then, everything is in the hands of clever people using large machines to get everything printed, cut, bound, pressed, packaged and sealed. Most nights when I curl up in bed I imagine large troupes of Oompa-Loompas manning heavy machinery that's churning out vinyl records and binding books through the night. It's comforting and makes a nice change from nightmares of being chased by a frantic, lip-licking Roger Waters wielding a giant spoon.

Once everything is released and unleashed, I'll be on tour in the UK throughout June, so why don't you come say hello and tell me what you think of the EP? You could demand your money back in person if you think it's a pile of crap. Slap me around a bit. Have a gander at the full gig listings over here if that sounds like something of interest:

After that, it's straight into festival mode, beginning our 7 festival tour with Glastonbury. Yes, we may not be on the official shiny poster that was released last week, because we are little and our name oft goes unsaid…but we shall be there in all our mud-caked, cider-soused glory! We're playing at Small World in the Greenfields and Bimble Inn in the Park, I'll post all our festival stage times on the Facebook pages and Twitter before the event so that anyone who fancies coming to see us make noise in fields can do so.

Right, back to the over-burdened desk to get this poetry book finalised and flung into the hands of those who can make it a real, tangible thing. Thanks, all, for the continued support in helping us finish this project. Even now as I spend long days sitting at screens with square eyes, arranging print-formats and pretending I know what CMYK means, I remain hugely excited by the prospect of creating these words and sounds and images that weren't in the world before we started this whole mini-adventure, and none of it would have been brought to life without your help.

Onwards! See you at the finish line,

John x