Running Up That Hill

Hello lads and lasses. Hot sun is cooking London today and I am once again locked away in the Little Unsaid laboratory of musical tinkering, pressing buttons and making sounds with the conviction of someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Things may have seemed quiet lately as I've been cocooned already for a week or so since the Damp Vagrant Tour took a breather after some wonderful gigs around the UK. I'll be picking up where I left off at the start of September, starting with the brilliant little festival Weyfest on the 1st, but things will be going quiet again for a week or two first. Let me explain why, should anyone at all have any concern for such things.

In just under a week I'm going to Reykjavik to run a marathon. A marathon, it turns out, is a long bloody way to try and run. Who'd have thunk it? I'd be lying if I said that red wine had nothing to do with the decision to do this. I've been training hard(ish) between gigs and festivals so fingers crossed I'll be able to complete the run without damaging myself too much. As well as enjoying the physical and mental challenge it's also a chance to go and visit a place I've been wanting to explore ever since seeing an amazing film called Heima a few years ago.

I'll be hobbling back from Iceland and heading straight to the Isles of Scilly to recover and play some gigs across the islands with archipelago-folkies the Rough Island Band, which is always a blast. Those little islands have served as bottomless wells of inspiration for me in the past so I'll hopefully use this time to continue writing and preparing for album numero deux, which is slowly taking shape in my brain ready to be recorded later this year.

Some new films are on the way in the meantime, starting with Kingman Cheng's beautiful animation for the song 'Through the Fields,' which I've been watching take shape over the past couple of months and can't wait for people to see. It's on the verge of completion and will be up here as soon as it's ready to be unveiled.

Back to the grindstone for now...

Love and lollipops,