Secret Gardening

Peace, folks!

Here come a few more of my inconsequential ramblings on what I've been up to and what might follow, providing I don't expire/pack the whole thing in and go live in a yurt in Cornwall.

I'm still trying to get my head back in the game after the filthy MIRTH that was Secret Garden Party at the weekend. Paint fights, all kinds of bone-rattling soul-stroking music, dancing with badgers in the woods, and a whole blur of hedonistic activity that I'll probably never be able to remember but will smile about for at least a few weeks. I also had an amazing time playing the Small World Solar Stage on the Saturday, thanks to a tent packed full of people who didn't hold back when it came to stomping, clapping, yelping, shanty-ing (new verb right there) and making all kinds of unusual requests (Michael Jackson cover only happened in festival spirit, I hasten to add, let's not make that a regular thing, eh? Fun though it was...)

So now I'm back in sweltering London and here's what's up next: I'm playing a couple songs at a free evening of music, film, theatre and comedy that coincides with the start of something called the Olympics that's apparently happening soon in London. It's this Friday (28th) at The Last Refuge, a new arts venue in Peckham (click here for the event details) There are some great acts on the lineup and they're putting the opening ceremony up on a big screen afterwards so come down for some arts, some booze, and some Danny Boyle action in a big arena.

After this I'm having a short break from gigging for a few weeks. This is so that I can gather in the scraps of ideas and new songs that have been floating around lately and start getting things together for the next recordings. Lots of people at gigs and on these bits of internet have been asking when the next album is coming, which is understandable; it's been nearly two years since the last one surfaced (in the words of one particularly passionate chap I met recently, 'HURRY THE F**K UP, JOHN'). Basically I've had material ready for a new album for some time, but have been holding off for several reasons, the main one being I haven't yet decided on the best way to go about it. A lot of the ideas I have wouldn't work in a home-studio setup, so it's a case of planning the best and most practical way of getting into a studio with the right driver at the helm and 'laying that shit down,' in the words of someone cooler than me. So long story short, the next album is on its way and I'm literally itching all over with some sort of excitement rash.

More news of August happenings to come soon but I'm sure that's enough of my babbling for now. Three big chunky paragraphs, look at that. Definitely time to reward myself with a sandwich of some kind.

Love and high fives to those who still read these pages and continue to support my music-making.

John x