Short Films, Next Shows and Island Recording

Still from short film 'Job'


How's tricks?

After the usual chaos of the festival season I've been settling back in to being still, being clean and not being in fields. For me, this time of year always involves fighting off those painfully familiar, debilitating questions, such as: what next? Where to, now? And that colossal, gag-inducing 'WHY?'

Existential angst aside, I've distracted myself from attempting to answer these questions by focusing my soggy brain on writing new material for the next recordings I'll be doing, which I'm hoping to make a start on before the end of this fast-shrinking year.

As it stands I won't be gigging much before 2013 rolls off over the horizon, purely because I'm trying to leave room for several other projects, musical and otherwise. The next London shows will be the 8th October, a solo slot in the charmingly miniature coffee shop/bar Betty's Coffee in Dalston (supporting Ed Prosek), and the 9th October, the only show with live string quartet that is booked at the moment. The latter is free and is at the beautiful Magic Garden Pub in Battersea, where we'll be playing songs from 'Dig For The Promise' as well as trying out the aforementioned new material. I'm busy arranging string parts for the new songs as we speak. Yes that's right, I can simultaneously blog and notate, just like Mozart used to.

My sneaky forays into the film world have been bearing big tasty fruits in the past few weeks. The short film I composed the music for earlier this year, 'The Boy and the Bus' had its debut screening in London this week, and it was great to see all the puzzle pieces in one place after all the hard work director Simon Pitts has put in over the year it's taken to finish. The film is next going to be screened at the LA Shorts film festival, which is rather bloody exciting.

'Job', the short film I wrote, is now nearing completion. I saw the final edit a few days ago and giggled like a child all the way through, which I think is a good sign. In all honesty I'm not entirely happy with my cameo as 'Emaciated-Office-Gremlin-Man #4' as I felt the hours spent in hair and makeup were not necessarily proportionate to the small number of seconds I'm actually on screen. I also felt typecast. But hey ho, this is the world of film. I'm going to write another one where I play the main part of a muscular barbarian warrior in a post-apocalyptic future who must try and get his family over to Mars before the Earth implodes. That'll show 'em. In seriousness, the film is looking fantastic and I can't wait for people to see it, hopefully sometime this Winter.

My final scrap of probably inconsequential news involves the Rough Island Band, the folk-based group I'm in from the Isles of Scilly, those fragments of rock that sit 28 miles off the coast of Land's End. We're recording our third album in October, so I'll be throwing a bunch of recording gear onto a large boat and heading over there to record on the island for a week. We've been building up new material over the last couple of years and are now ready to get it all laid down in an intense 7 days in a small cottage with the sea on all sides. Yes, we will probably go insane. This is part of the process and we revel in it.

Right, if you made it this far, well done and thanks for indulging me. Onwards!

Have wonderful weekends, please,

John x