Thank You Larmer Tree Festival!

I first played Larmer Tree Festival about four years ago. My friend Tobias Ben Jacob was performing and kindly offered me his guest ticket with a mind to getting me a few impromptu slots on the open mic stages. After playing as much as people would let me that weekend and subsequently pestering people to give me a proper slot, we were booked to play the year after with the band, and then (after more pestering) we were booked to return again this year.

I've got a real soft spot for this festival. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly crowds and happily roaming peacocks make it such a calm festival experience, like a spa-weekend in comparison with the chaos of Glastonbury a few weeks ago.

Our first show was on the Garden Stage, a beautiful 'singing theatre' stage constructed in the late 19th Century. Despite this being the hottest day and having the sun cook us throughout the gig, we loved playing to everyone relaxing on the grass by the main stage, and someone from the audience even came and offered us some sun cream in the middle of the gig!

The second show was thankfully in the shade of the ARC tent, and it was really pretty damn special for us. It was the biggest crowd we've played to as a band (thunderstorm beforehand may have been on our side in this respect), and it was great to meet so many nice folks afterwards who came to the Songlines tent to grab a CD or vinyl to take home. Thanks so much to everyone who came to see us or stumbled upon us that weekend and took home some of the music. We'll see you during our Autumn tour, perhaps!

Field Life continues this weekend with a double whammy - Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire on Friday (Small World Stage at 4pm), followed by a solo show at Tramlines festival in Sheffield on Sunday (Folk Forest Stage, 3:45pm). Hopefully my wellingtons will hold out a little longer…