Hello and happy  Friday the 13th!

This traditional day of bad luck in Western superstition marks the beginning of my solo UK tour. Great stuff! Come along, UK-dwellers, to support and share in live music, have a chat and a sing-song, and to see whether I turn into a wolf-man on stage. Below are the tour dates and links to tickets, have a little peruse and if we're passing by your local music-haunt please do consider venturing out to come see us on this tour, or share the dates with anyone else you think might like to come along for some live music and joy. It'd be wonderful to have your support in this ever-uncertain adventure of touring, and myself and Catherine Feeny, who I'm supporting at these shows, would absolutely love to see you there if you can make it.

June 13th
Gallery Café, London

June 15th
Latest Music Bar, Brighton

June 16th
Norwich Arts Centre

June 17th
Portland Arms, Cambridge

June 18th
1:22 Live, Huddersfield

June 19th
Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

June 20th
Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham

June 21st
Bristol Folkhouse

June 22nd
Kitchen Garden Café, Birmingham

Massive thank yous to everyone who has bought the new EP and poetry book so far, and for the feedback you've been sending my way. Everything, book included, is available here on Bandcamp if anyone is yet to grab one. There are only a few poetry books left and it's a one-off, limited edition run so I'd recommend bagging one now if you'd like a book full of my poems with artwork and illustrations by some fantastic artists including Amy Windridge, Alex Horsfall and my dad.

Inbetween the tour-preparation and pledge-fulfilling chaos I've been rehearsing with a new band lineup, which I'll be taking to festivals in order to make huge noises in English fields this summer. There will be drums, bass, guitar, singing, electronics, viola, shaky things, weird noises, things that go 'BLOSHKKK' and other noise-making things also. First on the festival list is that wee one called Glastonbury at the end of June. If you're festivaling this year, check out the tour calendar on our Live page and pop along to see us all mud-soaked and red-nosed whilst we do our thing.

I'll leave you with this preview track for those finely shaped ears of yours from the electronic improvisations EP that was released exlusively alongside 'A Filthy Hunger' to Pledgers only. The track was made from the sound of my friend, Tobias, clapping in the grounds of a monastery whilst his one year old daughter laughs in the background. (Click this link to listen if my HTML attempt fails as usual and the embedded player doesn't work.)

Have a great Friday, and hope to see you out there on the road, p'raps!

John x
The Little Unsaid